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Category: Strategy Gaming Network

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

I’m risking burn out. As with any project I’ve started throughout my history with forums I tend to go all in. I currently have two forums up and running and I’m risking giving too much too soon. If I continue at a pace such as this I risk losing my focus and desire to see them successful. That cannot happen I need to slow down. I need to constantly remind myself there is no deadline. It doesn’t have to be done now! today! Things can wait.

Here is what I’m working on:

Strategy Gaming Network

Strategy Gaming Network is a community for strategy gaming. I did something similar before but back then I was still influential on Gamingforums – and forums were still huge – so people followed. This time I’m striking out solo without a huge amount of initial support and facing off against social media, Discord and Reddit. Forums are tough cookies to bake. They take time, attention and dedication.

The key here is to give people something they cannot get on social media. That ‘thing’ is a sense of community. A sense that they can belong to someplace without being one of faceless millions. On SGN I intend to bring that community focus/spirit to the forefront.

They say that “no plan survives contact with the enemy” and that is true of Strategy Gaming Network too. I am adaptable and adapting. From a forum that was going to be inclusive of all strategy games from RTS titles to 4X grand strategy games there has been a shift towards indie titles.

I have a couple of members who are working on their own games. SGN gives them a community to test ideas with, to gather feedback from. These mechanisms can work on social media but on SGN these indiedevs are given a better platform.

As other games or subjects come to the fore they will take precedence on the boards. I love Chris Taylor’s new Intergalactic Space Empire idea. That is something I want to capture within SGN.

But remember, it’s a marathon and not a sprint. There is no deadline.

Blog Boards

Blog Boards is an old idea from way back in 2011. I still have the Twitter account for the old site. The idea is to… Well, I already wrote about this so let me just quote:

[I] started looking for blogger forums. Somewhere people can go to talk to other bloggers and to start cross-blog relationships. Link exchanges, subscriber exchanges, tips and ideas exchanges. I found one forum that was being plagued by spam, and I found another forum which was dead in the water. I found many domains parked, for sale, empty, blank. What I did not find was a dedicated forum for bloggers which was active, well managed and current. I admit I didn’t look far, and I admit there are a multitude of webmaster forums which will cover this angle in some shape or form, but all-in-all the market stands open for a forum dedicated to blogs.

I was able to capture the .net version of the old blogboards domain and with a spare XenForo licence the community sprang to life.

So far there are few members and I am working on getting myself established within blogging circles to see if I can capture the attention of others who may be interested without overtly ramming it down their throats. There are a number of promotional ideas I have and I want to avoid – for now – paid advertisements. These is an expense I can ill afford.

So there’s those two forum communities, there’s this blog and my personal blog alsarcastic and a further gaming blog designed to capture Intergalactic Space Empire traffic and drive to to the discussion forums. I have a few projects to keep me occupied. I really don’t want to take on any more.

Oh, but what about?– I’m kidding. No more projects.

I don’t want to risk burnout.

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”